About Therapy

Grief can feel incredibly lonely, confusing, it can be difficult to talk about how you feel to the people around you. 

You may feel stuck unable to find a way to begin to build a different life without your loved one.

Counselling can help  you to unscramble some of those emotions, thoughts, allowing you the space to process what has happened. To express painful emotions which can be impacting on your health. 

Loss isn’t just about the death of a loved one, it can be from a relationship separation, divorce, children leaving home for university. It could be you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with an illness and your trying to come to terms with this.


Psychological Services

 Counselling together

Through grief relationships can become strained. It can be hard to support each other’s emotions, but having an awareness how your partner is feeling can help you to understand them. 


Individual Counselling

These sessions take place on your own allowing you the freedom to speak openly


About Me

I qualified as a integrative Psychotherapist in 2008. I have worked  in  a Children's Hospice for a period of 18 years, being a part of this environment I could see the impact of bereavement and loss and the shear devastation the families were going through. The different range of emotions that the hospice journey has on families, whilst still trying to live through this. 

I also work as a counsellor for a baby loss charity providing the much needed support when a couple have gone through the Trauma of a pregnancy loss, still birth or neonatal death, or the emotional impact that fertility can have for couples that are trying to start a family. 

I have experienced my own personally losses and bereavement so I can  identify  some of the emotions and feeling that being conveyed in the sessions. 



For face to face counselling either as a couple or on your own £50 

zoom online counselling is £40 

On your first appointment you receive the first 15 minutes free, this is for you to decide if you want to continue counselling and if we are able to build a working rapport together. 


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What My Clients have said

To Bev 
Thank you for all you help and support. We can't thank you enough.
Robyn and Micheal

Dear Bev 
You have helped us through the dark times and helped us see the lighter days. we are so grateful to have met you.
Daria and Liam

'Bev is the loveliest, kindest, supportive, funniest person i have ever met. she listened to me and helped me a lot in my trying times. wish i could talk to her everyday.'